Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Is This The End?

At 2:09pm today, my sewing machine died. NO!!! Is this the end for my beloved Bro?  I think it died of exhaustion. I have sent it to the service centre for resuscitation. I hope they can do magic. It's only been a few hours since my Bro and I have been apart and already I'm pining for it. I know it's only a machine but it has helped me become the better person that I am now. I don't know how to live without it. An Empty Sewing Table syndrome is what I'm going thru' now. I'm just staring at my sewing table and wondering what to do. My girl suggested hand sewing. Ha! My boy said I could always read a book. I think some serious housework will do the trick.

I think it's time I get a tougher machine that can just sew simple straight stitches for hours leaving the more sophisticated functions to my Bro.
These were the last 2 zip pouches I made before you know what happened. I wasn't sewing zip pouches for the sake of sewing something. I was looking into a better technique to sew the zippers without having awkward corners. You know what? I think awkward corners are unavoidable. This is the best I can do. I should just accept it.

I took the taxi today because my Bro weighs a ton. Guess what the taxi driver did along the way? He handed me a brochure that said: Having problems with your menstruation? It was a brochure selling sanitary pads! I had noticed next to the driver was a big bag of sanitary pads! What! I said to the driver: How could you ask me to read this? Then I folded the brochure and stuffed it in the back of the seat. The driver just shrugged and never brought it up again. My goodness. Has this world gone mad? A taxi driver whoring sanitary pads? I feel so dirty. I really dislike taking taxis when me hubs is not around. I attract the creepiest drivers. I'm serious.

Hope your day went well without anyone trying to promote sanitary pads. I'm going to have a movie night with the kids and maybe play 3-players Heroes V. Hope nobody ends up sulking. (I mean me) Take care.


Jenny said...

Ha ha, your experience in the taxi made me giggle - it wouldn't happen here - I hope! Sorry to hear about your machine - hope it gets better soon!

seamsgreat said...

When your machine is in the shop is when you decide that you really need a back up machine! :-)~janet

*Tea said...

hahaha!.... (i am really sorry about your sewing machine... hope they will get it working again... )
but the taxi driver story ist just sooo~ hilarious! you made my day, thx! (and also the windy weather at Iluma Arts Market)

tamdoll said...

I am cracking up.
First of all, the machine! I'm so sorry to hear about this!! I am going to schedule a maintenance on my baby when I'm going away sometime so I don't miss it. I'll have to have lots of knitting to keep me occupied along the way.

As for the taxi driver - that's the strangest thing I've EVER heard. EVER. Seriously.

Chowz Creations said...

I cannot imagine the trauma of a down machine. Ugh . . . Poor Jane. The taxi thing - W-O-W - that's disturbing. I hope your machine is back home quickly!!

antmee said...

You really had a bad day! I would cry if my machine broke down and crave sewing like crazy! Even though I can go a week or two without sewing sometimes. I always know its there when I need it.

That taxi driver was gross! I have had my share of trauma in a taxi. One threatened to kick me and my son out once. My son just had radiation treatment to his brain and being young had to be "put under". He was always aggressive after for a few hours but the taxi driver could see I was holding on to him tightly and that he had just picked us up from the hospital!

Chris H said...

OOOO I hope your machine is all better soon!
I hated it when mine kept having to be fixed, even though it was brand new!
Eeewwww to the taxi driver. That is gross.

BUSIR said...

for the zip i put a peace of material like "Flossieteacakes may 15/2009.I know the feeling not having a sewing machine.i bought a cheap one in the meantime .Now with my Bro i could take it near Roissy airport .but if you don't live in Paris you have to send it by post...It's so heavy.Y.S

Dee said...

oh man that taxi driver was icky.
boohoo for the Bro - I am slow catching up with posts so I know it has a happy ending.

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