Thursday, June 3, 2010

Madam Butterfly

This has to be my last bag for June MAAD. My 16th bag. I feel a little exhausted. I had a good run with this denim.

This is another huge bag. When I was sewing it on the sewing machine, I had to literally hug the bag. Big bags are becoming a problem for me to transport. My luggage finally died. Last year a taxi ran into my luggage and I thought it survived. Turned out it was just hanging on. Last month the handle broke and I'm still searching for a replacement. Hmm, let's see. It has to be light, yet sturdy and large enough to contain all my bags. It's going to take me all of the Great Singapore Sale to find one.

I used piping and the handle is made of very sturdy twill. Yes, I made my girl crouch for this picture.
I gave myself a little challenge for this bag. Recessed zipper!
And still stuck on this eastern charm theme - Butterfly applique with blanket stitches. Isn't the Japanese fabric gorgeous? It has golden streaks!

I hope you have a great day and I'll see you next week.


Dee said...

oooooh that's a sweetie - bag and daughter!

Chris H said...

Very, very nice bag. Love the red/blue combo... and the butterfly is gorgeous.

*Tea said...

nothing better than big bags!! endless space for everything you need or even don´t need. :D
It´s so nice from your daughter always to model with your bags. she´s such a sweet girl!

Kandi said...

This is one of my favourites of yours the butterfly is beautiful, so is your daughter!
Kandi x

Landon Clary Eason said...

Hi, Jane, Your daughter is adorable. I love the bag and I love the butterfly fabric, it is gorgeous. All of your work is just delightful, you are so talented and creative. How have you been? It is so nice to be back online!!!

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