Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Hmm. Didn't do much the past 2 days. Kidding! I did lots. I think I've turned into a superbeing. Yesterday alone, I spent 5 hours on my hair. 2 hours travel time plus 3 hours at the hair salon. I had fled to Cindy, my hair stylist since 2000 because I was starting to look like a homeless person. I suffer from "Too Much Hair" and Cindy's the only hair stylist in Singapore who doesn't complain when she cuts my hair. And she can tame it good too. I'm happy because I'm tired of little kids screaming when they look at my hair. Yes, I'm still kidding. I look pretty hot, from certain angles.

After the marathon hair mission, I somehow had the energy to supervise my kids baking muffins and cookies. My son had been learning to cook in school and he kept raving about the most delicious carrot muffin his group had baked. So I wanted to let the kids have a go at baking. They had helped me before but they mostly did what they were told. This time, they did everything on their own except the oven bits.
These are chocolate chips muffins. I'll be honest. I was afraid to try them. I ate the crusty bits and spat out the middle which tasted odd. My son ate 3 in a row. My girl ate 1. I think the muffins had too much flour.
I was a little afraid the cookies would suffer the same fate as the muffins so I supervised more closely. Okay, I admit it. When the kids were making the muffins, I was busy eating a mango. The cookies turned out really good. I was forced to eat one which I did even though I'm on a no-cookie diet. You know what I noticed from this baking session? My kids are really scared of cracking eggs! It's really quite funny. I wanted them to experience being in-charge so I was hands-off. The kids cleaned up too!
Ooh, made another red and blue shoulder bag. This one's not denim. It's cotton drill. The colour is indigo which I love, love and love but it's hard to find. I made this bag medium-size because I want to get out of the huge-bag trap which I seem to be caught in. The rabbit is cut from Japanese fabric and I stitched blanket stitches over it. Same old, same old. But I really enjoy making these animal/insects applique on blue/indigo fabric.
I used some leftover denim and made a zip pouch with a dragonfly applique.
That's right. More leftover denim and here's another zip pouch with another dragonfly applique.

Told you I turned into a superbeing. Now I need to go and get my beauty sleep. Good night and sweet dreams.


Ziru said...

I like your japanese fabric on denim series! So pretty! =D I'll be going down this Sat to visit you at the Illuma Arts Market. What time does it start?

Kandi said...

Beautiful makes. I love the applique bunny.
You must let us see your new haircut too.
Kandi x

by night said...

I love these your bag and purses! I love the appliques! and those muffins just look yummy. too bad I am so far ;-)

Chris H said...

The indigo bag is gorgeous... I love blue so I was bound to love it! lol

tamdoll said...

Wow, 2 hours to a hair stylist?! She MUST be good! I went this past week to have my hair dyed professionally, never did that before, sitting there for 2 hours was the worst part for me.

It's good to let the kids cook like that. I always stay away until they're done because seeing the mess in the kitchen before they clean up stresses me out. Good idea to take pictures, I will have to do that next time. My oldest girl likes to put coloring in her cookies when I don't look and we usually end up with green or blue snacks in the house.

And... those blue pouches are great! I love to always see the things you make.

Dee said...

so where are the pics of the hair cut??? c'mon show us. my youngest cann sympathise with yu on the too much hair thing. her hair is soooo thick with wild unevev waves.
sweet bags, especially the bunny.

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