Friday, June 11, 2010

Iluma Arts Market 12 June 2010

Friday already? I'll be selling my bags tomorrow at Iluma Arts Market from 12noon to 8pm. It's my first time selling at Iluma. What shall I wear? It's like a first date!

Will anyone buy my bags? Will the traffic be worse than MAAD? Will it rain? Will my husband say "I told you so"? Will I be able to get my tea? Where's the toilet? All these questions will be answered this Saturday.

Come back for my post-mortem. Fingers crossed.


Jonathan said...

Will see you there

Kandi said...

Good luck Jane, I hope you come back without any bags and with pockets full of cash!
Kandi x

Jenny said...

Enjoy your day Jane and hope you sell LOADS!

jane p said...

Kandi, Jenny
Thank you for your wishes.


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