Saturday, June 26, 2010

Shopping Bags To Pay The Rent

Hello everyone! Thanks for the birthday wishes. Now the stardust has settled, it's back to the sewing machine.
This is fritillary bulb. I have resorted to traditional Chinese medicine because the western cough medicine does nothing but put me to sleep. I'm not a fan of traditional Chinese medicine because of the taste which is usually bitter. How you take fritillary bulb is you boil it with 2 cups of water and you drink the liquid. It's god awful I tell you but my body is slowly forgetting it wants to cough so it works.

Remember verypurpleperson's reversible bag tute I was gonna try? Well I did and it turned out to be a really super tute. Easy to follow, any beginner could do it. I only have 2 little issues. Hehe, of course. No, these aren't complaints. Just observations. Firstly, the darts don't match. Secondly, the little curvature close to the side seams is too steep. This will make it hard to topstitch around the little corners.

A long time ago when I learnt dressmaking from this lady, Mdm Gan, I would often bitch about how I have to do so much drafting. The first month alone, I did nothing but draw a scaled drawing of a skirt. Everything had to be learnt the hard way. I never got to sew until the second month and that was after I had converted the scale pattern to an actual size pattern. Plus numerous alterations until Mdm Gan was satisfied. To Mdm Gan, the sewing bit was the easiest part of making clothing. If you were to ask me to make a skirt today, I would have to do it the way I was taught. Draw a scaled drawing, enlarge it and sew. This is why I don't sew clothing. Way too much work. But I'm really glad I paid attention to Mdm Gan because so much of what I learnt can be applied to making bags. And yes, I know how to draw matching darts. Learnt that the first month.

I made 4 shopping bags. I call these shopping bags because they look good for putting your bought items. I did not make them reversible because I'm not so into reversible bags. Making bags for sale sounds kinda romantic but the reality is you have to look at the $ side of it as well. Each time I sell somewhere I have to pay the rent and this is part of the costs. So I made these 4 shopping bags to pay the rent for July MAAD. I intend to price them to sell so that's how I do it.
 This one is light weight denim with a heart applique.
 This is the inside for the denim bag. Now you see it's a Heart theme.
If you know Ikea fabric you will recognise this. Can you see the little running stitches I sew shadowing the parrot?
This one's for those who like it retro.
Of course something nautical.

I hope I sell all four.  TTFN.


*Tea said...

i love the parrot bag! colour, motiv, everything´s perfect! :D
ikea sometimes has such nice fabrics, too bad the patterns are to big for my little projects >_<

Relished Artistry said...

I have to agree with *Tea, that parrot bag is quite striking! But the jean bag with the heart on the pocket and the heart lining is just adorable! Well done, Jane--I hope these sell well for you! They're very versatile and could be used for so many things. Very cool!

jane p said...

*Tea, ikea fabric is too rough for your dolls! What you've been using - Japanese cotton is the best. I do notice some customers shy away from ikea fabric tho'.

jane p said...

Thank you Corey. Nice to see you here. (I promise to stop jumping up and down! :D) When I decided to use the heart lining, I knew I had to put a heart applique on the pocket!

Anonymous said...

For persistent cough, try this yummy drink:
Buy a pack of dried fig from medicine hall. Use half pack and add water. Simmer for 30 min.You will get a dark liquid that is sweet. Dilute with water if too sweet. Drink a day. It works for me every time.Mandy

Dee said...

what a great idea and so well executed. bags that are quick to make and will sell easily to make a fast return and pay the stall rent. clever grl Jane. :)
btw they are also cute. the heart one is prob my fav.

Chris H said...

I love those bags! I am going to try making one soon.

jane p said...

Mandy, thanks for your suggestion. The concoction sounds gross but I'll try it.

Dee, you seem to pick the winners. Let's see how this one goes.

Chris, ever consider a wee bag card? $$

Mrs Sze said...

Hi Jane,

You sew fantastic bags!! I'm also a beginner in sewing and tried to make my own pouches and simple wallets. Was wondering where to get cheap bag making accessories in Singapore like the metal/magnetic snap on, side rings etc. I went to Spotlight but the price is on the high side. Thanks!!

jane p said...

Hello Mrs Sze
You can get bag making supplies at a shop at Textile Centre. I don't know the unit no but it's on the ground floor near the entrance diagonal to the shop selling YKK zippers. You won't miss it.

Another place is People's Park Complex 2nd floor. There are 2 shops which stock what you need.
All the best.

dthneece said...

They are all gorgeous! Any chance you might show us newer sewers how to make the corrections so that the darts match etc...? I hope you sell all four of these lovely bags and get orders for more :D

sabrina said...

j'adore tes sacs, et surtout celui avec les cœurs, bravo pour ces belles créations

jane p said...

(I'm using Google Translate)
merci beaucoup Sabrina.
By Night est notre go-between!


antmee said...

Awesome bags from you again!! I really love the parrot bag and will be rethinking Ikea fabric! I really would love to try this pattern so thanks for the little hints about the darts!

Anonymous said...

I particularly like the heart bag. I have ut a tri to Ikeaqq on my wish list. Unfortunatly it is quite a hike to the neareset store did not resalze they had such unique fabrics-GOT TO GO. Thanks for sharing. Maureen

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