Monday, June 28, 2010


Mom who?

"Momshoo is an ad(venture) started by Shoo and her Mom in 2009." Hmm...if Dad had been able to sew, would it have been Dadshoo?

I got to know Shoo (who's a really young student) at MAAD last year. She sells whimsical fabric badges, poofy buddies, luggage tags, accessories and fabric bookcovers. Her repertoire is neverending.
Here Shoo is modelling my rabbit bag.
I took this photo when she was my neighbour at Iluma on 12 June.
I believe you've met MOM before.
These are some of her poofy badges. Aren't they adorable? It's handsewn!
This one's so cute. It's Hoot The Owl Fabric Buddy.

Can't get enough? Go to Momshoo's Etsy.
You can like her here too - Momshoo facebook.



shoo said...

awww jane! thanks for the feature! :D

Dee said...

cute stuff shoo.

antmee said...

Thanks for sharing Shoo with us. I like her badges! They are really cute and nicely made!

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