Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Books I'm reading

Recently I discovered Harry Potter. Yes, I know. I'm a bit late. I'm aware 7 books have been written. I'm aware movies were made based on the books. And I'm aware Harry Potter the series is hugely popular. I'm also aware that the series has ended. So, did Harry Potter die? Wait. Don't tell me. I'm still reading the first book "Harry Potter and the sorcerer's stone". And yes, I never saw any of the Harry Potter movies either.

It's not like I'm anti-witchery. I just heard so much about it (the hype) yet knew so little about it that I never became curious enough to read or watch it. Plus, I felt that if I didn't read or watch the first one, then I would not be able to follow the story.

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Hubs bought my son the box set as he had only read the first book. But he saw all the movies.

I started reading the first Harry Potter book at my last VivoCity craft market and I have to say it is quite a page turner!

Another book I've been "reading" is the embroidery book Corinna from Cute and Cosy lent me.

This project found in the book looks really interesting. Love the embroidery. Can you imagine what it is?

It's a cover for a giant alien egg! It feels like a lot of work. Believe me. Maybe before internet was invented, this project might be possible. Now? It's impossible.

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This is another book I like to read. It's called "If You're Talking To Me, Your Career Must Be In Trouble" by Joe Queenan. The cover is missing. It looks like it had survived a volcanic eruption. When I enjoy a book, I could read it more than once. Ah.... Hubs introduced this book to me a long, long time ago. He knows I've read it already. If he catches me reading it again, he'll laugh at me for sure.

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The book is basically Joe Queenan making fun of showbiz people. Each chapter is about a specific target. The humour is really wicked. I especially like this chapter. It's about Sean Young. If you haven't heard of Sean Young, you must be really young.

I've been working on a new product today. I'll show it to you tomorrow.

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Suzee said...

I love to read about what others are reading. I like the Harry Potter movies, but never finished watching them all.. and never read the books.So when you finish let me know what happens to Harry?? lol
I usually have 2 books going at once..sometimes I'll buy a old book because it is old. Love the look.
That embroidered cover is pretty but I wouldn't ever have the patience for that! And what did we all do before the internet???!!!

Bethany said...

I'm slightly jealous that you get to experience Harry Potter on that newbie level. You can go at your own pace at this point and don't have to block out conversations and such since we're all done with that :) it really is a wonderful series of books. I keep trying to find time to reread, but that's not happening. Maybe i'll live vicariously through you :)

colleens craft shed said...

I to am reading the first book of Harry Potter, my daughter has been wanting me to read them all...:) So I have started. So far I am enjoying it also...6 more to go~

punkychewster said...

oh my! that embroidery looks so beautiful. but yes, you are right. in this day and age, where got time! the internet is a horrible distraction!

Danny Heyen said...

Oh my gosh. I've read the HP series about 10 times through. No. I'm not some weirdo who plays D&D and eats Twinkies all day. I just really love the series. It's my "go-to" beach reading. The beginnings of the first 3 books are repetitive. Just hang in there. And book 5 makes you want to kill Harry, but don't. He has more to do!!

Chris H said...

My boys started reading the Harry Potter series when it first came out.. and they would literally stand outside the book shop waiting for the next one to be sold!
I am not 'into' kids books, and certainly NOT super natural ones either... but I decided to read the first one to see what all the fuss was about... And I couldn't stop reading !

I have read them all now... and I've seen most of the movies. I much prefer the books as opposed to the movies.

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