Friday, April 6, 2012

Polka dotted bunny


Today is a public holiday in Singapore. It's called Good Friday. I love public holidays for only one reason. To sleep in. This "morning" I woke up at noon after a completely satisfying 12 hour sleep.

Last night I had a cup of chamomile tea an hour before I slept. Based on past experience, it knocked me out. And it did. I'm beginning to wonder if chamomile tea contains drugs. Tonight I will go to sleep via sheer exhaustion without the aid of any tea.

If you are on Pinterest and a tea drinker, you might be interested to know I keep a pinboard of my tea. To find me on Pinterest, go here. This board has, to my surprise, received a couple of repins.

I might be jumping the gun here but I think the tiny bit of weight loss this week is mainly due to my switch from sugared tea to non-sugared tea. So far I've been able to stick to my 1 cup of sugared coffee and 1 cup of sugared tea a day. Ideally I'd like to have just 1 cup of sugared tea a day. I shall be patient.

Today is a non-sewing day for me because I wanted to clean my home. I spent the whole day wiping, throwing away clutter and mopping. I'll probably continue doing that once I get off my blog.

Oh, you know what? I'm getting a new found motivation with this daily blogging. The first quarter of this year I really started to question my life. Like is this it? Is this all I'll ever do? Why don't I make any progress. And so on. You know, the kind of stuff you ask yourself when you feel you're in a rut.

I know it's only been a week since I started blogging daily but I feel so much more energized and full of purpose. Let's hope this high energy doesn't fizzle out.

Back to today. I wanted to find out the history behind Good Friday and there seems to be so much literature on it on the net. Um, too much to be able to get a good idea. But I know the bunnies are related to Easter.

I wondered if a bunny would look good running across my iPhone zip pouch.

I wondered  what life was like before the invention of fusible interface.

I wondered what a polka dotted bunny would look like.

And I wondered what these bunnies are so happy about?

Thanks to Kandipandi's blog post, I have discovered PicMonkey an online photo editor similar to Picnik. The above 4 photos were edited using PicMonkey.

This one I edited with Picnik. I have to say I still prefer Picnik. But PicMonkey will  have to do after April 19. Yes, the day Picnik DIES. Google, you bastard.......

Enjoy your long weekend if you're having one. See ya.


Corinna said...

love your polkadot bunnies.. so cute and this chamomile tea is very healthy.. we use it often as a medicine for almost everything.. so keep on drinking!
I sewed the whole day and now it's time for playing! Yes I won some games (word) ! Wish you a happy Easter and keep on blogging as well.. love to read it

Dee said...

Cute Bunnies.
the simple version - Good Friday is a Christian holiday for the day that Jesus Christ was crucified (nailed to a wooden cross). The sunday is the day that he rose from death.
We score a holiday on the monday (in Aus) as well as the friday 'cause way back when the Sunday was already a day off so we scored another one. gotta love days off. :)
I am surprised that it is a holiday in Singapore too. happy day for any holiday.

I am enjoying getting to read your blog daily. It can become a pressure though, so as long as you enjoy it and it helps you ... go for it.
I have thought about daily blogging and sometimes I have things to blog daily. I do it as I am able to manage the time, sometimes at night watching tv (redeems the add breaks).
Enjoy your rest.

Little Blue Mouse said...

I'm too much of a computer numpty for editing, but I've heard good things about

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