Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Redwork creatures


Years ago I came to know of an embroidery form called Redwork. As the name suggests, you use red embroidery thread. What attracts me most to redwork is the embroidery of line drawing. When I was young, I spent a huge amount of time on line drawing. I used a mechanical pencil to draw. My younger brother was more talented and he would shade, shadow and do other fancy stuff. I knew just one kind of drawing which is line drawing and till today, I'm still very fond of it.

In redwork, you use mainly stem stitch for the outlining. Other stitches you could use for small areas stem stitches aren't good at are back stitch, split stitch, french knots and occasionally satin stitches.

When it comes to traditional embroidery form, I try to stick to convention. I somehow feel it is my responsibility to stay true to what the women of long ago had created and passed down. By doing so, I feel I am part of a, shall I say movement to carry on the tradition. Haha. Maybe I just want to feel I'm not wasting my time sewing my hours away.

These little brooches were really fun to make. I'm surprised by how much joy I can get out of a little embroidery.

I like that I only need a small amount of fabric.

Next comes the assembly part.

Let me show you the birds first.

This little bird says: Can too!

This little bird has never been kissed.

This little bird on the edge of the window is afraid to fly.

This little bird is a busybody. In Singapore, we call such birds Kaypoh birds. If my name were Kay instead of Jane, I would be Kay Poh.

This little bird has a heavy butt.

This little bird is hanging loose or constipated.

This little bird is sleepy. Hoot! Hoot!

This little bird is FAT.

I found hub's Birds book which he had kept from his childhood. I referenced it to get the birds' poses.

Then I saw this other book also from hub's childhood. It has a sloth! So of course I had to sew a sloth.

Does my sloth look like a monkey?

This is my little turtle hurrying on its way. What's the difference between a  turtle and a tortoise? Beats me. I just find the name turtle cuter.

This is a ladybird. I know. It looks like an alien plant.

I was aiming for pig. Son said it looks like a wild boar.

I have listed on ETSY a few selected broochess. Go HERE to check them out.

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Kandi said...

They are great, I really love the never been kissed bird and I really relate to the one with the heavy butt! This post make me smile.
Kandi xx

Bethany said...

I love redwork!! There's a redwork book on Amazon I've been eyeing, and there was some redwork fabric I saw--you just stitch over the lines so I don't think even I could mess it up. But it'll sit on my shelves forever...so I think I'll just admire other people's redwork for now :)

Agy said...

Lovely! The never kissed bird is a cuttee - think it needs a partner :-)


Linda said...

These are adorable. Your embroidery is SO good! I wish I could be that good with mine!

Laura said...

These are darling! My favorite is the sloth! And I think your pig looks like a pig:)

Dee said...

Oh so cute! I love that each one is unique.
How are your little badges selling? I can picture people spending ages looking over them having a hard time choosing coz they are all fabo.

tamdoll said...

I LOVE these! they must have been fun to make, too.

Chris H said...

Your Red work is lovely... all the little brooches are just darling.

Jos said...

soooo adorable!!

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