Monday, April 9, 2012

It's the little things

This morning I told myself I would exercise. No matter what. Good thing it didn't rain because that would have stopped me surely. So it didn't rain. But it was sooo cold. I told myself I would exercise. No matter what. So I walked to the Senior Citizen's exercise area where I live to use the exercise machines. And no. I'm not a senior citizen. Seriously. These machines aren't designed for senior citizens. They would probably get injured. Or killed. And throughout the walk, I had this 1% chance that I would change my mind. If it even drizzled, I would turn back home. If I had a tummy ache, I would turn back home. But none of that happened. The universe conspired to make me exercise. And so I did my 1/2 hour's worth of joint rotation and stretching. I'm such a pain - even to myself! Later tonight I'm expecting an ache-fest. Tomorrow if the universe co-operates, I shall go for a jog.

Today is my lazy day. I did a bit of housework, a bit of grocery shopping, a bit of sewing, nothing too strenuous. I feel 100% better today.

Last night to give myself a treat for making progress in my lose-weight quest, I made french toast.

What is it about french toast that makes them taste better when you make them at home? I've eaten them at coffeeshops and restaurants and they suck. They charge a lot for it too. The problem is the cooks make them too eggy. I don't have this problem because I add a little water to the beaten egg. In the past I would even add a little sugar. But I can't do that now.

The last time I was at VivoCity Craft Market, I bought this little beaded bag charm. I feel so happy just looking at it. I have absolutely no time to pursue my beading hobby further at the moment. So the alternative is to buy beadwork done by others. It's only $8!!!

This miniature bag brought back some sweet memories for me. You see, I used to make little bags for my girl's Barbies. So I dug around and found a few. Making miniature bags was what got me started in bag-making.

See the crossbody crochet bag? I made that. Yep. The flower too. Don't even ask me how I did it. It took a lot of hand and feet coordination. I'm really not very good at crochet. Oh, did I ever mention I used to make outfits for my girl's Barbies? This "trenchcoat" was made from an old pillowcase/bedsheet set. Just look at the giant collar. If you're wondering, Barbie is commando underneath.

This outfit I did not make. I made the ugly crochet bag though. This was my shoulder bag. I've come such a long way.

Yes, I hate to admit it but the whole matchy-matchy outfit is all my doing. I'm really bad at collars yet I keep making them. And why on earth did I make a matchy-matchy bonnet? I made the scarf across the doll's lap as well.

I love this gown. It was made out of my old maternity dress. For the bag, I kept crocheting and didn't know when to stop!

My kids' pre-primary days were really the best years of my life. Well, that's how I remember it. I'm pretty sure there was a lot of crying as well. See you tomorrow.


mandy said...

If you are on elder-shield, then officially you are senior citizen. Can't believe Elder-shield classified anyone 40 and above as 'elderly'.

Ari Designs said...

I really loved this post! Don't know where you are blogging from, but here in the States, a "senior citizen" is usually between 55 and 62 to qualify for various discounts, etc. Not there yet, but sure do feel like it most days! Anyhow, can totally relate to your post about exercise/no sugar since I am supposed to do both also and its very difficult as well!!! Good luck!!!

Kandi said...

You know almost every one of your posts make me laugh out loud and this one did too! Your internal fight with yourself over the excercise struck a chord with me :0)
Love your Barbie makes too!
Kandi x

Dee said...

I soooo relate to battling yourself over exercise. lol.
all the barbie stuff looks cute. I used to make clothes etc for my girls barbies.
We gave away all the barbies a few years ago - all outgrown. It was a sad day (for me) when the youngest no longer wanted the barbies and decided to cull them. I think she felt like she was a big grown up girl when she decided that she had outgrown barbie.

punkychewster said...

wow! you're my hero! i used to collect barbie dolls and often daydreamed about making clothes for them but you not only made clothes and even crocheted MINI BAGS!!

*you're my hero*

Little Blue Mouse said...

What well dressed Barbies!
The gown made from your maternity dress is my favourite. It's so well fitted, and I love the high neck.

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