Thursday, April 5, 2012

To pee or not to pee, that is the question


Thursday already! I'm so glad I'm blogging daily so I can review my week easily. I think so far I'm on track but I'd like to spend less time playing games and watching TV. If I could clock 8 hours working on my projects, I would be so much more productive.

Remember in a post sometime ago, I mentioned that I had bought some ZIG fabric pens from Art Friend. Yes, the one time I wanted to redeem a $5 voucher. Today I decided to see if I could use them in one way or another in my pouches.

*ZIG Fabricolor twin marker (click click on pic takes you to amazon)

I'm still working at using up the rest of my linen remnants. What's left is small odd amount here and there. Perfect for an iPhone zip pouch! What do you think? I used 2 colours - blue and brown because I'm still hooked on the blue bird thingy. By the way, the fabric ink cannot be removed from the fabric so I drew very carefully. This pen is pretty good. It has a brush like tip on one end and a felt tip on the other. How did I get so lucky? I really just bought the pens on a whim. I had never even heard of ZIG. I had used Lyra textile marker before and did not like them at all. I think the pen tip was too fat. So I felt clumsy.

At first I wanted to include some embroidery. My idea was to sew a few lazy daisy stitches on the wings. But I resisted. Kind of want to keep it simple. You know me. I don't like complicated designs. So I coloured the wings blue. I love it!

By the way, the 2 birds are dating. No, it's not the "never been kissed" bird from the Redwork batch. I have more ideas for my ZIG pens but I'll probably work on them next week.

Here's the finished zip pouch. I have listed it on Etsy. Check it out here. And for those who are new to my blog, this zip pouch was made using my ePattern here.

Speaking of iPhone zip pouches, I have a VivoCity Craft Market trivia for you. This happened on Saturday.

This cross-stitch print iPhone zip pouch was the cause. Before I tell you the story, I have to explain how a sale transaction is handled at VivoCity Craft Market. First I write out an invoice for the customer. It states the item product codes and price. The customer takes the invoice to the cashier and pays. She gets a receipt which she gives to me. I check the receipt and give the bought item to the customer.

On Saturday, I gave the customer the invoice and directed her to the cashier which is just a few steps away. She wanted to withdraw cash first and there is a cash machine a few steps away from the cashier. Easy peasy.

Thing is I kept waiting for the customer to give me the receipt and she did not show up. In the past, I had 1 customer who took an hour to return because he was busy shopping at the other stalls at the craft market. So I wasn't worried.

And so I kept waiting and waiting. I was so sure she would return. No one had ever not returned with the receipt. The system works. And then I had to pee.

Now when you have the urge to pee, it's rarely a "Maybe I need to pee?". It's always a


But I was still waiting for the customer to return. So I held on. And I held on. At first holding on was doable. Then it became all I could think of. I did not want to leave and run the risk of the customer coming back finding me gone. Neither did I want to get my neighbouring vendors to help me. The ones on my left were handicapped and I'm guessing had enough to deal with. The one on my right I was not familiar with. Oh well. It was my choice to hold on. No one held a gun to my head.

Finally it was no longer an option to hold on. The tide was too strong! I made a dash for the ladies and am happy to report I did not pee on myself.

And no, the customer did not return. Not that night. Not the following day. I'm a good person. Why do I get such customers? Is it so hard to come back and tell me she had a change of heart?

Good nite. I'm looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow. First time since Chinese New Year!!!

*Disclosure: I am on amazon's affiliate program and earn a tiny sale referral commission.


Bethany said...

"The birds are dating." That made me laugh :)

Suzee said...

I love the pens.. and your birds are so cute! you did a wonderful job on them. I'm glad you got to the potty in time ! but sad the customer did not come back =( I've been reading all your daily posts and love them. =)

antmee said...

Wow looking at that pen ink NOT bleeding into the fabric! Thanks Jane for teasing the heck out of me!! lol
I want ZIG pens!!

Dee said...

I have had Zig pens for a few years - they are excellent!
Your drawing is very neat, no wobbly lines or anything. Mine would be sketchy. I enjoy your style of drawing / art. and your humour just makes it fun. :)

Anonymous said...

the pen can be used on all kinds of fabric?

Little Blue Mouse said...

Don't you have a niggling feeling that the customer returned whilst you were away?

juri Lee said...


Your blogpost is so fun and I think you're so lovely and sweet.
I was looking for some posts about Singapore for preparing my trip to Singapore and I found your blog and read lots of your posts. Now I became your fan!
Thanks a lot.

Projects By Jane said...

@juri Lee
Hope i haven't ruined any good impression of Singapore for you.

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