Monday, April 16, 2012

Saving planet earth

We tried to do our part to save the planet.

We did. We did.

We had bought a new sofa.

It's RED. My choice.

A 3-seater with a L-extension. Everyone loves the extension.

So the old ones had to go. A 2-seater and a 3-seater.

The 3-seater the sofa delivery guys took.

I did not ask where they would take it.

Where do sofas go when they die?

(I don't want to hear the answer)

We called the 3-seater the magic sofa.

Anyone who lies on it will fall under its spell.

And go into a fantastically deep sleep.

I know. It happened to me a lot.

My MIL wasn't spared.

Each time she visited we would often find her snoring ring ring ring.

On the magic sofa.

It got to a point where we wondered.

Was she visiting us or the magic sofa?

All good things must come to an end.

There was much abuse.

The 3-seater could not be saved.

The horror. I shall spare you.

The 2-seater was still good.

We found it a good home.

Thru Pass It On.

My younger brother had given me these sofas.

So we passed it on. (It was really all hubs. He did all the work)

The new owners took a long time to pick it up.

We even forgot about it.

The 2-seater became a place to dump our unfolded laundry.

When the call came, it was sad to see it go.

I explained to hubs our little flat was too small.

He knew it was for the best.

There is simply no room.

We left the 2-seater outside our home.

The new owners wanted to pick it up on the one and only day no one was home.

I left a note taped to the sofa that says: Sofa is for "new owner's name".

Hubs wanted to wait for the new owners.

But he fell asleep waiting. (or was he kissing the sofa goodbye?)

Then he had to go to work.

When I came home from A doctor's waiting room,

I saw that the sofa was gone. Later the new owner told us they had picked it up.

Pass It On (Singapore) has a wish list from Voluntary Welfare Organisations. The list is here. If you live in Singapore and has the item asked for, maybe you want to make that donation?

Oh, so you thought the outside of my home looked really crappy?

This is what the outside of my home looks like. Pretty cool, huh?

Sometimes the Town Council doesn't do its job and it looks really horrific.

Okay you caught me. With Picnic's impending death, I've been playing with PicMonkey. Still an infant, crashing now and then, I'm slowly getting to know this new baby. Created by former Picnic's people with a great sense of humour. But they're dead serious about the legal stuff so you need to read it before you start using this site. Go read here. You need to own the content you upload or bear the same ramifications as Pinterest policy. (Yep. You fork over the money if anyone sues PicMonkey. All the money.)

My cool looking image of my sofa was created using Texture/Papyrus.
The dirty one? With Texture/Smudge.
The effects are pretty fantastic too. Try Effects/Curve if you haven't. Does wonders for your image. (just move the curve!)
Right now it's all free. But I'm pretty sure they'll start charging in future for the premium effects. Enjoy it for free while you can.

I'll leave you with my happy sofa.


punkychewster said...

Oh i have never heard about Pass It On. Sounds like a great cause!

Anyway thanks for sharing this PicMonkey, it looks fun! Shall go try it out soon! Flickr's new Aviary is not really cutting it!

Dee said...

LMAO - it seemed to convey the depth of my mirth better than lol. You have done it again Jane... you have managed to write about the everyday in a way that is funny, entertaining and that others can relate. You inspire me in my writing efforts too.
I love the colour too. I bet it is a feature piece in your living room. May the new couch have some of the 'magic' of the old couch. ;)

(I lost the first version of my comment and had to re-write it. It is never as good the second time.)

Chris H said...

I love the idea of Pass It On.
Your new couch is gorgeous... and the photos of your hubby and the old couch are very funny.

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