Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Cure for insomnia

Today I needed an extra cup of coffee because I tested my son in his Chinese proverbs. The first part involved him writing out the characters that I read out. My droning voice put me to sleep. There were 50 proverbs altogether. I'm on a break now. Later I may have to test him on the meanings of the 50 proverbs. Coffee may not be enough. Chilli?

This morning I found it really hard to complete the last 2 rounds of my jog. I had to visualise a glass of iced lemon tea while I ran. Possibly, my tongue was hanging out. Seriously, I'm too old for this keep fit thing. Seeing how easily and happily the senior citizens were exercising made me mad. How do they do it? What's their secret? Is it green tea? I want to surrender. I'm so, so tired. I want to black out.

I finally resolved to finish up my pocket tissue holders. See, I dislike sewing the gap in the lining and I would put off doing it. As a result, I accumulate a bunch of pouches needing the gap sewn. Which makes it worse because I ended up having to sew the gaps for 15 pocket tissue holders.

However boring it was, it's finally done.

I'm a little surprised I made so many. It makes me nervous too. I have a craft market coming up next week and I'll sell these. Since it's my first time selling these items, I have no idea if they will sell. I hope I sell a few. I really do. Because if I don't sell any, I'll cry for sure. No, I won't cry while at VivoCity. Probably wait till I reach home and go stand in a dark corner.  Not a small sniffling cry but a big, mother WAAAAA... (practicing my crying)

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Happy in red said...

Aww, these are lovely!

tamdoll said...

My cure for tedious sewing is loud music! If I can sing along while I do the chore, I can enjoy some part of it. As for practicing language, I'm not so good with that either - that's what I save an easy knit or crochet project for.... Exercise for me is the worst - I actually cried at the gym a few weeks ago I was so bored and couldn't go on just walking on the treadmill. Thank goodness there was an employee there to help me out and give me something else to do.

hellomomo said...

I'm sure you will sell lot of these, they're adorable! :-)

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