Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A visit to Little India

Today hubs and I went to an area in Singapore known as Little India. I think you can figure out why it's called Little India.

With my stock being built up, I find it a little challenging displaying all my items on the counter at the VivoCity craft market. Today's trip to Little India was to look for space savers for my craft market display.

It's not so easy to get to Little India. It needed 3 different train lines just to get close enough and then you have to walk. During our walk to the shop, we noticed there were many interesting trade going on here. Most of the shops smelled. I saw at least 3 that traded old stainless steel kitchen ware. If I ever want to become a hawker, I know where to go.

Also I saw 2 Indian temples. These had sculptures all over the building. Quite amazing.

These pics were taken across the road with an iPhone so I don't think you can see the sculptures clearly.

We ate at Little India as well. Ironically, we did not see any Indian restaurants. I think we were only on the fringe which might explain why. We ate at a Thai restaurant.

This is prawn crackers. They serve this to you first so you won't faint from hunger. It's oily and delicious.

This is mango salad. If you've never had mango salad, let me see if I can describe it to you. After the 4th or 5th mouthful, you feel like you've been shot in the head by a gun loaded with chilli.

Hubs had fried rice with chicken. I think it was really spicy because I heard him sucking in air a lot. Also he kept saying he wanted ice-cream.

I had sambal stingray with white rice. The sambal chilli is very spicy. After the 4th or 5th mouthful, I felt like my chest was shot by a machine gun loaded with chilli. I wanted ice-cream too.

So what did I buy?

I bought this display thingy that could "stack" up my pouches.

Yes, this little thingy is quite clever. It's $5!

This necklace holder is for my brooch display. The "arms" turn so the customers would not have problems viewing all the brooches.

Hubs bought something to house his watch collection. I'll show you once he sets it up.

This shop I went to specializes in display wares. It has everything under the sun. You really have to hunt for what you want. The service is non-existent. You need to grab someone by the arm before they'll serve you.

Also, I'm pretty sure we were overcharged. No price tags. The next time I go to this shop, I'm bringing along my most gangster looking friend


Anonymous said...

Hi Jane,
Just wanted to introduce myself I am 24 yrs old living in NZ, I found your blog through Diet Coke Rocks, I just wanted to say how that both you and your husband are hilarious, you have such a way with words and I love reading both of your blogs. Keep it coming!

jane p said...

Hi Surrey,

Nice to know you. So now I have 2 readers that I know of from NZ.


Suzee said...

I love the display for the pouches!
I would probably starve eating there, I can not do hot spice lol but it all look yummy!

punkychewster said...

Clever clever display ideas!!! Did you go to Mustafa? i love that place!

And boo hoo hoo i miss all that food! I'm coming home in September to PIG OUT!!!!Muahahahahah

tamdoll said...

Those displays look great! You're lucky to have resources like that to go to - I wouldn't know where to begin if I had to come up with a clever display. Little India looks like it must have been very colorful and inspiring, a nice place to go! Now you've made me hungry for some spicy food, thanks a lot!

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