Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Chope! Chope!


I don't know if you remember this. Sometime in March (here) , I wrote about how in Singapore, office workers reserve tables at food court during lunchtime using pocket size packets of tissue paper.

Now I'm not saying this is how everyone in Singapore reserves tables everywhere. It's really a numbers game. Like where I live, there are very few office workers as it's a residential area. The office workers do not leave packets of tissue paper lying around on tables because they are outnumbered and no one would care about the tissue paper.

However, if you  go to a business district and you sit at a table clearly marked by a packet of tissue, don't be surprised if you're tackled to the ground by a group of hungry men and women. No, I'm kidding. They won't tackle you but they'll tell you to leave. Don't mess with hungry office workers. They have limited time to eat and run errands.

In Singapore, we have an expression called Chope. (read it like choke) When I go with my kids to the food court, the first thing we do is chope a table. How we chope it is with any of the following:
- umbrella
- bag
- one of the kids sits at the table

So I put the tissue paper and chope together and came up with this:

Once again I used a bird. Ah, but notice that it's a different bird each time. I think instead of an ordinary tissue paper packet, one could chope a table using my bird illustrated pocket tissue holder. 

I'm pretty certain with this little pouchie, there's no way anyone could claim ignorance the table was reserved. (so no need to tackle anyone to the ground)

For this version, I've used a name (my sister's name) instead.Yep. Elaine choped THIS table!

This was a fun project for me. If you want to see more, go to my Etsy shop here.
Also, I used these pens to draw the illustrations. (I am an amazon associate and will earn a sale commission)

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Bethany said...

Hahahahaha - cute!! :)

melissa @ said...

I am popping over from the party at I heart nap time. The little bird caught my eye! So cute!!!

Suzee said...

OH I can see all those tables dotted with these!! lol soo cute!

Linda said...

How funny! I think here in Texas, people would try to find the person who "accidentally left his tissue behind". Those are adorable!

Sarah@PingsAndNeedles said...

love this Jane ... I love the word too!

Textile Tragic said...

That doesn't happen here in Melbourne. You see people in a busy food court area wandering around holding trays of food looking for somewhere to sit. When I first saw your little bird saying "chope" I thought is was a "chirp" with some sort of funny accent:)

Dee said...

That is a very clever idea and bound to sell to any office workers with a sense of humour. So funny.

Amanda said...

This is so cute, and polite! The fabrics are gorgeous

Christine @ Angel Stitch Embroidery and Jezebel said...

This is so cute! I wish I could say that it would work here in California.....

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