Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Houses-houses obsession

I took my houses-houses obsession to the next level.

I made 2 needle books, 1 key holder and a brooch. All with houses. I would have carried on. But it was getting close to dinner time and I wanted to eat. A hunger woman can't sew.

I made this needle book first. The houses I had drawn on the fabric a few days ago here. I haven't made many needle books in my whole sewing career. The thing is a few people have been asking me for my needle books yet I failed to make any for a long time. A needle book is not hard to make at all. Just sew 2 rectangular pieces of fabric together, add a closure and felt pages and you're done. I like to make them small. That way you can put one in your bag.

I added 4 felt pages. I think it's sufficient.

I made this second needle book even smaller. For this one, I used back stitch to sew the outline of the house. After I was done with it, I regretted not adding a dash of red.

The felt pages I used here are thicker and when I close the needle book, it looks like a fat little needle book.

This houses key holder is really small. I thought the house looked a little grumpy. Hubs said the trees look like spoons. In that case, it looks like a hungry house waiting for food. Hey, it just occurred to me. I was hungry when I sewed this!

This was a last-minute addition. I thought a houses brooch would be lovely. After all, I haven't made any houses brooch yet, have I? For this embroidery, I like it all brown.

Bear thinks the brooch is a ball. Do bears play fetch?

p.s. I dragged my sorry arse to the jogging track this morning. 6 rounds people! I'm aching horribly now. But I felt like a champ this morning when I crawled my way home.

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Anonymous said...

Those are really adorable. I especially love the keychain. Great job!

Visiting from the party at Not Just a Housewife.

sara @ applestonedrive.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

omg!!! Jane!!! I just love your craft!! hope to get to meet you at your vivo stall ;)

Chiwei @ One Dog Woof said...

I love these! Makes me want to learn how to embroider. And good job with the running, my arse hasn't gone anywhere, and it really really should.

Little Blue Mouse said...

Well done on your six rounds of the jogging track!

I love your houses, and Bear as usual does a splendid job of modelling.

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