Wednesday, April 11, 2012

How I poof up my bags for photo-taking

The first time I took photos of my bags for my blog, I always took them lying flat. The photos looked really awful. Later I begged for models to carry the bag so it won't look so limpy. But sooner or later, you run out of willing models. Then I discovered I could poof up my bags using items I find around my home.

Today I thought I'll show you what goes into my bags!

Wristlets are easy to poof up because they are so small. Also this wristlet could pretty much sit up by itself with a wall to lean against. Oh yes, walls are essential. I would love a white wall but I'm unwilling to do the painting.

I used a large plastic bag which I fold up to fit the wristlet.

This drawstring pouch is capable of poofing up on its own but with the stuffing, it looks way better.

This is a plastic wrapping that came with electronic goods. I save a lot of these.

This crescent bag is extremely hard to photograph. Hanging against a wall works best.

The stuffing came from bubble wrap which I saved from a package that was delivered.

This slouchy bag is impossible to prop up.

I used a paper bag which I squashed to fit the slouchy bag. If I have a more structured paper bag, I would use that if the shape fits.

To be honest, some bags look better without any poofiness.

Another one of my favourite stuffing - mahjong paper. It's just a large piece of white paper which crushes really well yet adds volume. If I were displaying a bag at a craft market, I would put the crushed paper in a plastic bag so the customer would not get a fright when they peek inside the bag. Just imagine what they think - is this rubbish?

And what don't I put in the bags?
♣ fabric
♣ newspaper
♣ boxes

Hope this helps some of you who are in the same trade as me. See you tomorrow.


Suzee said...

Very interesting ! I like the ideas. I'm usually at lose for backdrops lol I use a light box and need to find a cute little stool or something to set in it.

Dee said...

When you see bags in stores they all have paper stuffed in them. I always get it removed if buying the bag - they can re-use it and I don't have all that paper to dispose.

mel@all.wrapped.up said...

HI Jane,

Thanks for helping with my question about how to display my stock during my market stall. I just finished my market wrap up post and have linked this post on it ( The idea of using a paper bag to stuff a bag was super helpful, as it made it free standing.

Also congrats on your posting everyday in April, I can't even comprehend attempting something like that! Once a week is an achievement for me.

Thanks again,

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