Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Waking up thin


I woke up this morning feeling very thin. I was so delighted. I almost wanted to rush out to the supermarket to buy a cake to eat. (to celebrate) Then I realised that what I was feeling was just hunger. Demmit.

I've been doing good with my diet. My caffeine intake has become stable. I no longer drink excessive amount of tea. By the way, green tea sucks. It tastes like puke. But I will continue to drink it. It's healthy, right? You know how I know it's healthy? It tastes like puke.

Oh, I've cut out diary too. Except for plain yogurt. I take yogurt for wellness. I can't believe I used the word wellness. It sounds like a word a very old person would use. Or a word someone who works at a spa would use. Or a word someone selling health supplements would use. Or a word someone selling a multi-level-marketing scheme would use. I don't even like to eat yogurt. It tastes like puke. I have to force myself to eat yogurt. I eat it with apples. Otherwise it just tastes like plain puke.

So no milk and no cheese for me. Later I will allow myself milk and cheese once a week. These two food items are headache triggers for me. I am a person with many sensitivities.

Yesterday was my get-thin day. My food strategy this week is to eat regular meals and alternate with get-thin meals. That way I won't feel deprived and indulge in fattening food.

This is what I cooked for myself yesterday. Porridge with sweet potato, shredded chicken, baby carrots and white mushrooms. My family runs screaming away when they see this porridge. I love to eat this porridge. The only problem with eating porridge is an hour later you're starving to death. I had 2 bowls for lunch and 1 bowl for dinner. And that's why I woke up thin.

For lunch today, I got to eat regular food. We tried the newly opened 1983 cafe near my home. I ordered the Special Nasi Lemak. It is basically rice with fried chicken, fried fish and chilli. Usually it comes with coconut flavoured rice. But I asked for white rice as coconut is a migraine trigger for me. The portions are generous except for the fish. If I were to catch a fish this tiny, I would throw it back into the sea. The Nasi Lemak costs $4.80 excluding drinks. I tried a new drink called Buah Long Long. It tastes like star fruit juice and it comes with a little sour plum. But since it's called Buah Long Long, then the juice must be from the Buah Long Long fruit.

Oh, this meal is so filling I could skip dinner totally. But I won't. I'll just have a little sandwich.


Today I worked on my ePattern. I have a little confession to make. I had already completed my ePattern like weeks ago. The thing is I was reading this blog and the blogger was gushing over a newly released ePattern by someone else. The shape of the pouch was almost identical to mine. I had actually tried very hard to use a shape that I thought was not widely used. Even the name of the pouch is the same! What are the odds? So that's why I'm reworking the ePattern.

My fitness program has not kicked off yet. My heart is willing but my butt is unwilling.


p.s. Thanks to everyone who leave comments here in my blog and over at facebook. I know it takes effort to leave comments so I appreciate it.

See you tomorrow. I have a VivoCity Craft Market trivia for you.



Bethany said...

Make sure you steep your green tea for just a minute or two. It tastes sooo much better and less bitter. I always thought it tasted like feet....not that I know what feet taste like, but you know, how they smell and all. Or how my nephew's feet smell at the end of the day, anyway.....

Sarah@PingsAndNeedles said...

love this post ...

green tea with puffed rice is the best ... 'popcorn tea' try that ... very very healthy and absolutely delicious ... xx

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