Friday, April 27, 2012

The world's biggest smile

For the past few days this week, me hubs on waking up has been giving me the biggest smile in the world.

Yes, kinda something like this.

First thing in the morning.

After he gets out of bed.

Nothing wrong with that.


Me hubs is not a smiler. I'm more familiar with his grouchy face. In fact I  don't remember the last time he smiled at me before this week. Was it the day BEFORE we got married?

Some back story....

I have often complained to hubs about the surly service I get from the middle-aged aunties who work at food stalls near where I live. Is it MY FACE? I don't mean I get the usual unfriendly service. No, these aunties fight over who get NOT to serve me. I mean, I'm standing right there. I can hear everything. Once this particular auntie absolutely refused to make tea for me because she insisted I had not queued up. I had. Even though the cashier assured her I had queued up, she refused to make that tea for me which I was buying for hubs. Finally, the cashier had to make the tea for me. So unbelievable right? Most of the time it's not this bad. I just get a "What do you want?"

Hubs on the other hand had no such problems. He told me he received good service. I did not believe him. Until a few days ago.

We were at a supermarket and he went to the gourmet ham counter to buy his pepper ham. I joined him and to my surprise, hubs was giving the gourmet ham auntie the world's biggest smile.

Yes, kinda something like this.

What? What?

Why is he smiling at the auntie? You mean, he's capable of smiling? And why does the gourmet ham auntie look so happy and why the hell is she smiling back? Plastered on her face is the world's biggest smile. She even made a small hand gesture to hubs to indicate the number 6 as in 6 slices of ham. They have a secret hand language as well? Is this a date? What's going on?

After we left, I was in a daze for a while. I mean, I needed to digest what I had witnessed.

Firstly, the smile. So, hubs is capable of smiling. Not just any smile. A killer smile.
Secondly, no wonder he gets good service. He's paying for it with that dem smile.
Thirdly, I felt outraged.

I told hubs how I felt and yes, he laughed his head off. And that's pretty much how for the past few days, hubs make sure to give me the world's biggest killer smile the minute he gets out of bed.

Yes, kinda something like this.

And if you must know, I'm still getting crap service from the aunties.


Lest you forget this is a bag making blog, let me show you a couple of items I made for my next craft market.

Remember the fat tabby named Meow I drew here? I've made them into drawstring pouches.

I'm a little disgusted the lining looks better than the exterior fabric with my drawing. It's reversible but I'm hiding this fact from customers. Shhhhh.

Would the buyer of this pouch be happy or sad the lining is of some skinny cats?

For this other fat tabby drawstring pouch, I'm using a different drawstring. It's made of lily yarn (I think) and braided tightly. I'm afraid I'm going to have to purchase a cigarette lighter to burn the ends so they won't unravel. I'm no friend of fire. Will surely burn myself.

Can you believe this is my 27th post this month? See you tomorrow.


Laurie-Jane said...

When I was in chinatown a few years ago with two friends I had the strangest night, no one would serve me and I was even hissed at by 2 stallholders and was waved on by another I still don't know why. My friends took me to a temple and we burned incense and did a few prayer type things and the next day was fine.

Suzee said...

LOL you crack me up every morning I read your blog! But I got to tell ya hubs has the cutest smile! I laughed as reading about you not getting served and it reminded me of a episode on Seinfeld, the soup Nazi, the owner wouldn't serve her soup and keep saying.. NO SOUP FOR YOU!!. I think its best to take hubs with you and not let it bother ya.. I would use my hubs as much as I could if he got me good service! HEHE ( I do not like shopping with mine
The bags are super cute!!!!!!!!!

Little Blue Mouse said...

Ha ha, I love it when you relate these little tales of woe!
Have you tried smiling at the aunties too?

I'm liking hubs shorter hairstyle.

Lishm said...

funny! I don't often see my hubbie's smile, either. He 'saves' it for strangers... for some reason!

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