Monday, April 23, 2012

A tabby named Meow

Yesterday I read in my news feed a story about this fat cat named Meow that weighed 18kg!

Gosh, look how fat the cat is. It's even bigger than the lady carrying her. I immediately jumped at the chance to draw her - the cat I mean.

Here is Meow dancing. Er, I mean, shuffling. Her nickname is Pui-Pui. (read it rhyming with oui in French) Why Pui-Pui? Well, in my Chinese dialect, pui means fat. Ah.....

Here she is having a snack.

I don't think I nailed Pui-Pui's fatness though.

Illustration drawn using zig pens. (i'm a amazon associate and will earn a teeny sale commission)


Suzee said...

I love Pui-Pui!!! ( I keep wanting to pronounce it like phew phew lol )
That cat is 3x bigger then my little dog! eeeks

Chris H said...

I saw that cat on the news too.
Nice drawing too Chick.

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