Sunday, April 29, 2012

Skulls and roses

I don't look like someone who has a thing for skulls. First of all, I don't look wild. The only part of me that looks anywhere near wild is my hair and that's because I don't comb it. If I comb it, people (hubs) will keep asking me, "what happened to your hair?" And that's why I prefer not to comb my hair.

Second of all, I'm middle-age. Skulls is something you associate with younger folks. Am I right?

Thirdly, I have no tattoos. Not even the rub-on ones. I don't even apply any eye make-up. It's really because I have sensitive skin. I do admire goth eye make-up (on others) as well as interesting body art.

But I do have a thing for skulls and if possible, with roses and birds. I keep it cool, nothing overboard. I don't want to be known as the skulls lady.

It all started with t-shirts.

This one I really LOVE because it's so unusual - skulls with snake and eagle. Also, the skull is not obvious. This could be my first skull tee. Unfortunately I've grown in girth and I can barely breathe when I wear it. I still keep it because when I die, hubs has to squeeze this onto me. Just kidding. 

This is a pink tee and although I like the skulls motif, I found the fabric too thin. This tee is even smaller and the only chance I have of being able to wear it again is if I am reincarnated.

Surprisingly no one notices the skulls on this tee. The skulls look a little haunted. This is a super comfy t-shirt.

I thought the skull with the top hat was really cool but the quality of the t-shirt was a disappointment. It collapsed immediately after one wash. It's now my home wear.

I think I got my money's worth for this Levis T-shirt. I wear it every week. I even wear it when I go jogging. It looks terrible and horribly worn out. But I will continue to wear it till holes appear.

I made the applique on this cheap $5 tee years ago. I was in my t-shirt design phase. I failed miserably in the construction of the skulls. It took me a long time to sew everything.

I no longer wear this tee but I'm keeping it for old time's sake.

I just noticed all my t-shirts look really crumpled. How does one keep t-shirts uncrumpled?

From tees, I soon moved to bags. This is possibly my first skulls bag, made in 2009. I still remember the customer who bought it. A couple came to my table at MAAD. The guy was on crutches. I saw them exchanging looks when they saw this bag. They had a small discussion and the guy took out his wallet. Yay, he paid! I know. It's quite sickening but I have very detailed memory of certain events in my life. Thank goodness I don't remember every single event.

This was my second skulls bag, another 2009 bag. My son who was 12 when this pic was taken has grown even taller!

My third skulls bag - this one without any embroidery. I remember I judged the woman who wanted to buy this bag because she didn't look "the type". I kept asking her if she knew it was a skulls bag. I could easily say that about myself. But I really didn't want her to come back to return the bag in tears. I know it's hard to imagine. But some women are unable to "see" the skulls.

I have just 1 watch with skulls motif. Yes, it matched my pink tee!

I fear I may have reached the peak of my skulls obsession. I haven't bought anything with skulls for a very long time.

A few days ago, I ran out of tees to wear to sleep (it kept raining) and hubs offered his pink skulls tee to me. I tried it on and immediately took it off. It felt too creepy to me and I didn't think I could go to sleep in it. Yep, the end is near.

I went through my stock for next weekend's craft market and discovered I only have 1 miserable lunchtime pouch left. I will have to make at least 3 more. I made one today. 

Surprise. Another skulls and roses.

I'm awful, aren't I? Imagine you're having a nice lunch and this woman sits down next to you and she plonks her skulls pouch next to your bowl of noodles giving you the fright of your life! Well, if this happened to you, I'm the person responsible. See you tomorrow.


Happy in red said...

This post made me laugh :-)
Just embrace your inner rockstar and all will be good!

Ari Designs said...

Yes, I love skulls and roses too. I am also middle-aged and don't have body-ink. But I love skulls for some reason. I remember a craft show where my parents came to see it (rare)! My dad picked up a skull pendant and glanced to my mom. Then he gave me a very funny look. You are right- there is something weird about us. Thanks Jane.

Linda said...

That's funny! I see people with words tattooed on their faces and wonder what they will think of them when they're my age and everything is beginning to sag! There's no telling what those words will say then!

Karen said...

Stop teasing me with this fabulous fabric!!

Karen said...

Stop teasing me with this fabulous fabric!!

Karen said...

Stop teasing me with this fabulous fabric!!

Suzee said...

I don't mind skulls. I like the newer "girly" skulls on fabric. Kindof like the 5th shirt down. I do love the bags! You never know what other ppl like. To see me in person you wouldn't think of me liking hard rock music.. hehe I love the lunch bag. Maybe your could use one of those to save your seat at lunch! you could save a whole table!

Little Blue Mouse said...

The skull on the Levis t shirt looks very girlie with it's eye lashes!

I like the first skulls bag best.

Sya Rosette said...

Hi Ms Jane, can i check with you? I bought your skull drawstring pouch few years ago at vivo city. And its still my favorite until today. And it's wearing out! Is it possible to request for you to help me sew 2 more pieces, i wouldnt mind to pay more. Love to hear from you soon!

Projects By Jane said...

Hi Sya Rosette, I'm sorry I don't have any more skulls fabric. I've used them all. The fabric is out of print and impossible to get. Many people have asked me for this fabric and I am afraid I have to disappoint you as well.


Sya Rosette said...

Thank you Ms Jane, have a good week ahead!

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