Sunday, April 8, 2012

My house

Today I felt a little blue. Maybe it's inevitable. After feeling high, I usually crash. Today I had a soft landing. I cushioned it with my butt. Today I got tired of being a parent. Some days I just want to be a child. Today was such a day. It's just a fantasy. I know tomorrow I'll feel differently and be ready to face being a parent again.

Nowadays whenever I feel blue, I seek distraction in my sewing. I wanted to see what wonders I could create with my ZIG pens.

I used 2 colours - brown and red. I'm not disappointed! If you click on this ZIG* link it'll take you to amazon. So far I've tried my pens on cotton and linen. The tiny amount of bleed is acceptable. Of course you can't expect to get zero bleed like on paper!

I think a handsewn house is still the best. I'm sewing these houses in backstitch. Ever since I discovered the disappearing power of Pilot FriXion pen (via a hot iron), I use it all the time when I do my embroidery. I'm guessing Pilot was not targeting people who embroider when it came up with the product! If you click on this FriXion * link it'll take you to amazon. I wonder how women from long ago did their embroideries?

Up to when I was 12, I lived in a village house. This house was upcycled from an older house which I'm guessing we had to move from as the government had reclaimed the land. According to my mother, around the time when we had to move, my father had died and due to lack of money, my family of 10 was left homeless. My father's brother and cousin went to our old house and took it apart and whatever could be reused was brought over to our new site. Both my uncles built my village home. My mother wanted me to know she helped with the cementing! We even had a well.

This is a simple idea of my village house. It was divided into 1 main house with a kitchen extension. There were 2 bedrooms which were raised from the living room quarters. The floors of the bedrooms were made of wooden planks. The floors of the living room and kitchen was cement. I love the feel of cement. It's very cold. Because my house was built at the bottom of a slope, there was a walled perimeter to keep out the rainwater. Down a short distance from my house was a well. We used the water for purposes other than cooking and drinking.

There was one window in the kitchen behind (you can see in the image) that my siblings would ask me to make sure was left unlatched at night as they needed it to sneak back into the house after gallivanting all over town.

I wanted to draw more houses for future use and had a look at momshoo's photos which they took during a trip to Germany. These drawings were based on some of the photos they took.

I would love to embroider these some day.

Today would be a good day to sum up my week. Sewing wise I feel great creatively. Still not producing as much as I hoped for. ePattern will be completed next week. Today I felt further weight loss around my hips. If I lose any more weight, I'll need a new pair of hot pants! Other than cutting out milk and cheese, I've also cut out fast food. It happened without much fuss as I don't really like fast food anyway. Next week I hope to cut out coffee and just have 1 cup of sugared tea a day. Is that achievable? Oh, I totally neglected my fitness this week.

It's been a tiring day. Tonight I want to be rocked in the arms of an angel. See you tomorrow. Promise.

*I am a amazon associate and will earn a meagre sale commission:)


Corinna said...

lovely! And I promos when I'm going to Germany next month I'll make some pics of the special bavarian house.. very cute and I think doable for embroidery and yes I love this pencil too. It's such a great help. Today we went for an art class.. it's very relaxing and you don't think at any relatives (children, husbands etc) anymore ! Send you the angel :-)

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