Sunday, April 15, 2012

Silkscreen printing workshop II

Yesterday it rained horribly again. When I left my son's school to go to Tiong Bahru where the silkscreen printing workshop was held, it was just starting to rain. Since I took the train, I did not get wet. When I reached Tiong Bahru, I saw that it didn't rain at Tiong Bahru at all. I left Tiong Bahru in the late afternoon to go home and it still wasn't raining. When I reached my home guess what? It was still raining horribly. I think I just found the one place in Singapore that has managed to escape the rain gods.

Yesterday's silkscreen printing was done using the Block-Out method.

First we have to show what we want to print.

JoE (Monster Gallery) the teacher said:

Bird again?

Ah yes. Bird again. JoE gave some advice on fixing our pictures so it will print better.

Here's my traced bird. I forgot to bring a couple of things. But I remembered to bring my screen.

If your picture has clear white and dark boundaries, then it's not hard to paint. For my print, I wanted a what-you-see-is-what-you-get. So I painted out the white spaces. The finer areas like feet and eyes were slightly tricky. But I have steady hands. (I embroider after all!)

Here my bird is all bandaged up.

My first print. I nailed the angle of holding the squeegee. I even got the eyes!

This was my second print. I knew I didn't have enough ink but I did not want to wait for the ink. That's why you see some faded tail tips. But it's a good effect. I like it. I gave this print to JoE to put up on his wall of fame.

JoE brought out the big guns. A custom silkscreen printing device.

I enjoyed the workshop. I felt I understood everything really well. Next week I'll print on some fabric. I'm excited by the possibilities.


Karen said...

Jane that is the cutest wee bird :)
Thanks for your reply to my email, i'll have a look at the links you suggested and let you know how I get on x

Suzee said...

I see some great sewing projects with screen printing in your future!!

tamdoll said...

This looks great! One of these days I'd like to try screen printing - you must be having fun, the fabric possibilities will be endless!

Dee said...

That looks like fun! It is great to be able to combine multiple crafts in producing an item. I am looking forward to all the possibilities that it adds to your bag making.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jane, I live in Dngapore and am keen to learn how to silkscreen print. Can you tell me where you learned please? My email address is Thanks!!!

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