Friday, April 13, 2012

In a doctor's waiting room

Is the day long or short
It depends on you
Is the day long or short
It depends on what you do

Today is a day
for sitting in a doctor's waiting room
A day for staring at the number board
wondering, waiting
wondering, waiting
am i next, am i next, am i next

Nothing humbles you
like a doctor's waiting room
whoever you are
whatever you are
You have to wait
For your turn

Nothing numbs you
like waiting in a doctor's waiting room
whatever you do
however you try to pass the time
You have to wait
For your turn

I am invisible
I am a seeing eye dog
I am a turtle
I have super powers

I am a chameleon
I am a dog trainer
I am a rabbit
I have telekinetic skills

I am John Travolta
I play a bad guy
I can see Russia from my balcony
I am Alicia Silverstone and I feed my kids
by chewing up food and spitting it in their mouths

I have a caffeine addiction
I am afraid of water
I hate to exercise
I suffer from inertia

These are random thoughts
that go through your head
While you wait

Kids cry
Kids cry a lot

Kids talk
Kids talk a lot

Kids fidget
Kids fidget a lot

Is it my turn
Is it my turn
Is it my turn
Oh wait. It is my turn.


barb's creations said...

So know how you feel,it's even worse when you're waiting for your other half's number to come up because you had to drive him there in the first place.Love your thoughts on waiting in the waiting room :) Barb.

Dee said...

Let me see if I understand correctly? You have to take a number when you go to see the doctor and wait your turn just like at the bank or the deli? Do they make appointments? Or do the folks just turn up and hope for the best? What about triage? Or nasty contagious conditions?
I'll complain about Oz medical a bit less...

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