Saturday, April 21, 2012

Draw something

Have you guys played Pictionary? Yes, I'm calling from the last 2 decades. When my kids were young (funny statement!), we played Pictionary now and then. If you've never heard of this game, it's a word guessing game where one person draws and the team guesses the word. In my family, this game usually ends in tears.

Now on mobile, we have Draw Something and on my desktop via facebook, I have Draw My Thing. A friend introduced me to Draw My Thing and although we never got to play with each other, I've played a few rounds with my family. It's definitely another Time Waster.

Draw Something is a 2-player game while Draw My Thing allows more than 2 players. Check out this guy's drawings from Draw Something. He's quite incredible and certainly has a good knowledge of pop culture.

I'm playing my own Draw Something game on my post today.

Draw Deer Caught In The Headlights Pig

Draw Dieting Pig

Draw Don't Look At Me While I'm Peeing

Draw Why Are You Looking At Me?

Draw Karate Chick

These 5 drawings are based on my girl's drawings she drew for me in 2009 when she was 9. I used them in a few embroidered zip pouches. Go here if you're curious about them. p.s. I really love the rabbit and the cat. p.s.s. apart from cleaning after my girl, feeding her, waking her, caring for her, I'm paying her royalties of 20 cents for each of her drawings.

The following I drew this afternoon. I tried to draw like a 9 year old. (I think I succeeded!)

Draw Pig Getting A Mugshot (caught stealing swill)

Draw Slow And Steady Wins The Race (remember my little turtle from here?)

Draw Middle Aged Bird

Draw Bird That Chopes Table

Draw Gangster Bird

Draw Fur Loving Bird

Draw Piss Off

Hope you have a fabulous weekend.

....all drawings done with zig pens. (i am a amazon associate and will earn a meager sale commission)


Textile Tragic said...

My favourite is the middle-aged bird, though it possibly needs a double-chin to be truly in character:))

Chris H said...

Very cute little characters.
Hey you mentioned the characters on my glass doors the other day... do you know what they mean?
We don't.

Chris H said...

Oh they are on the doors so you can tell they are closed. My Aunty walked into the glass one day cos she couldn't tell the door was closed!

Dee said...

I love playing Pictionary. We used to play it heaps when I was a teen. We play it with our teens sometimes. We haven't played it for a while so maybe we should have some friends over and break out the pens and laugh ourselves silly again.

I look forward to seeing all your chope tissue covers made up. I hope they sell well, 'casue it is such a clever idea.

punkychewster said...


i love Piss off! Good job drawing like an artistic 9 year old. I think i can only manage 5yo.

Laurie-Jane said...

I love the rabbit he does indeed seem to be saying don't look at me. Very clever idea with the chope.

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