Thursday, April 12, 2012

Heart on my wings


This is the week I make a breakthrough in my back-to-fitness quest. I've been exercising every day since Monday. Wow. What a feat. I must be ill or coming down with something.

This morning I went for my 6 rounds jog again. So unbelievable. After Tuesday's jog, I suffered a whole day's of ache. You know the kind where suddenly you discover nerves in places where you never knew existed. Or as we say in Singlish - here pain, there pain, everywhere pain!

Last night I told myself I would go jogging if it doesn't rain this morning. I tried very hard not to pray for rain. Okay, maybe just a little prayer. Guess what? It didn't rain this morning. It's so strange. It's been raining in Singapore every day since March. But it chose not to rain this morning. I tell you, we don't understand the universe as much as we've let ourselves believe. Eventually it did rain, thunderstorm and all but by then the jog was long over.

With even the Rain god and sky god agreeing I should go jog my 6 rounds, I obliged. I mean, who am I to argue with the gods?

Tuesday's jog being the first jog went pretty smoothly. This morning's jog had as its baggage Tuesday's muscle aches which were still recovering. But I did it. I completed my 6 rounds. It's a good thing I did not time myself.

But I had an inkling how slowly I jogged when:
♠ a big-walker walked faster than me
♠ an old lady sprinted past me

I was not about to be shamed by a walker and an old lady. So I ran faster. To outrun them. Well, first I had to catch up. It took me a while but I managed to eventually overtake them. No shame in admitting I almost fainted from the effort.

Oh, I did something quite out of character yesterday. Me hubs and I have signed up for a run. That is we are running together with a bunch of people in public. And the best part? We had to pay to run. The man is doing the 6km run because he's too embarrassed to do the 3km run which I opted for. I doubt if I can do 6km. I'll need an ambulance to follow me closely. The run is in early July so I have plenty of time to get fit.

♥ ♥ ♥

Did you guys read about the 8.6 magnitude earthquake in Indonesia yesterday? In some parts of Singapore, the tremors could be felt. I felt nothing because my home is far from the coast. I've always felt Singapore is a safe country. But is it really? Is it?

Lately I've been thinking a lot about what I've achieved and also what I haven't achieved. I'm someone who doesn't like to feel troubled and pretty much could sail through life without worrying if I could. Alas, that isn't how the human brains work. I think too much about what I want to do. The actual doing - not so much. I fear that sometimes I don't tell myself the truth. Yes, I can't even be honest with myself sometimes. It's the truth. But you can hear the truth. And the truth? I fear my creativity is diminishing

Here I am doing the same old thing again. I like to say "I have a thing for..." but you know it's really an excuse to do the same-old same-old again. This time just to be different (or not to bore myself), I used felt for the heart and drew the wings with my favourite ZIG* pen. I used cobalt blue. Do you guys fall in love with colours? This blue is so beautiful. It makes me want to fly.

Is it just me or does the heart on wings look a little ethereal in this pic? Like it's flying towards ......

I think I share too much with you guys.☺ Well, here's more. This is from a part of me that no longer exists. Once upon a time I obsessed over up-cycling my cheap tees. This is a hang ten Tee but I'm such a T-shirt snob that I wanted to hide the ugly image in front. I used a heart on wings applique.

This one is totally raw-edged. I've worn this Tee to death and you can see from the frayed edges of the applique. psst. The fabric for the heart came from an old skirt. Oh, I'm keeping this T-shirt forever.


Suzee said...

Congrats on the jogging!!! you are doing great! more then I would ever do.. I'm lucky if I could run in place.
I like the wings on both items. Frayed worn shirts are the best to wear!! Lately I been taking my hubbies shirts,sneaking them, and turning them into skirts and stuff for my 2 yr old grand daughter lol

Dee said...

LOVE that winged heart. That t-shirt is just brilliant! I am not much for slogans on shirts but sometimes they have the better quality shirts. This is such a clever up-do. Wear it with pride.

Dee said...

PS I love reading all the stuff you "share". It's not too much for me. It gives me a giggle frequently and an insight into life from another perspective - I like that.

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