Thursday, April 19, 2012

What I've been listening to

By now most people would have heard of Jack Vidgen but I'm always slow to catch on. I heard my girl playing this little kid's singing on you tube and got absolutely hooked. In this video, he sang Whitney Houston's "I have nothing." on Australia's Got Talent Season 5. He is maybe the same age as my son and let me tell you. I feel quite wrong liking his singing. And he went on to win the talent contest. When Jack sang "I have nothing" it was with such total abandon and possibly injuring his voice. I listened to some of his music he released after he won and he sounded more controlled. No doubt his voice was still good but strangely not as magical anymore.

I'm also listening to this group called One Direction. I know. It's so wrong. I don't know how young the kids in this group are but they look like they should still be in school. I caught their performances on you tube as well. When they performed in The X Factor (a British talent show) they didn't sound good at all. Not surprisingly they did not win the talent show. But they're so cute!

Their singing improved tremendously after losing the talent show. Now they sound more polished and more appealing. It also doesn't hurt they have really nice hair now. Listen to "What makes you beautiful" in the video above and be swept away.


Dee said...

One Direction has just been in Australia. I was driving my 16yo to school yesterday morning and the radio station was interviewing two girls who had been to the concert the night before. My teen 3 commented that she liked their music but didn't understand all these silly girls screaming and going crazy. Over the previous few days One Direction had been on the news constantly with pics of girls screaming and going ga-ga.
we had quite an interesting discussion about it. My teen asked me if there were band like that when I was a teen. I told her there were several and listed off a few. I told her that when Nana was a girl the same silliness went on over bands too and said that Nana and I had a similar discussion when I was a teen and she told me that girls went silly over the Beetles when she was a teen. We laughed tht 3 generations of our family ha all held the same opinion about the silliness of screaming about a band.

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